Dr. Parmar, Dr. Shah and our Pacific Beach dental team provide personalized denture services that meet the needs and comfort levels of our patients.

Dr. Parmar and Dr. Shah has experience in creating one-of-a-kind, natural-looking dentures. Our Denture lab technician located at Chula Vista allows the denture-fabrication at Pacific SmileKrafters to be quick and reliable, resulting in dentures that fit and function optimally. All our custom dentures are made with the best materials as we understand quality has no alternatives. Each tooth is set individually to ensure the denture looks as natural as possible.

Because we have our very own local lab, we can also perform very fast denture repairs, usually within two to three days, depending on the nature of the repair.

If you need same day repair service, we can offer appointments at our Dr. Parmar Family Dentist, Chula Vista office which is within 30minutes driving distance from our Pacific Beach office.