Laser Dentistry Does the Job Better and Faster

Scalpels serve their purpose, but they’re not the most patient-friendly tool in any office. Laser Dentistry can provide a better way. With laser technology, Dr. Parmar, Dr. Shah and our team here at Pacific SmileKrafters can offer you minimally invasive gum treatment. Dr. Parmar and Dr. Shah has always been at the forefront of dental technology to ensure your care is as comfortable and effective as possible. In the skills hands of our dentist, laser dentistry will enable you to experience reduced pain, bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity. This also helps with faster and shorter healing times after gum treatment. Let’s look at some laser-based dental procedures that we provide right here in our Pacific Beach, CA office.


If you have a “gummy smile,” where more of your gums show than you’d like, it may impact your smile, by making you conscious about your appearance. Our team understands you and is ever ready to help! Through cutting-edge laser dentistry, we can restore the balance between your teeth and gums, giving you confidence booster and a clean, bright and white smile. We use the latest Picasso laser to remove excess soft tissue from around your teeth by taking special care to make your tooth-to-gum ratio and design it uniformly throughout your mouth. During this process, called crown lengthening or soft tissue recontouring, we sculpt your gums around your teeth so that your smile looks completely natural. The result is less visible gummy smile and more noticeable teeth that you’ll be happy to show off! Crown lengthening can give you the confident smile you’ve always wanted.


Our laser therapy is extremely effective in eliminating periodontal disease and is more effective in addition to traditional treatment modalities for treating gum diseases. We use the laser on diseased parts of your gums which are usually characterized by red, swollen and bleeding gums to remove the unwanted bacteria that cause infection, often enabling us to improve health of gums that might otherwise eventually need to be removed. We’re dedicated to helping you avoid greater dental health issues in the future through laser dentistry and a variety of services we offer in one convenient Pacific Beach, CA office!

Unparallel Benefits of Laser Dentistry at Pacific SmileKrafters

  • Reduced pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and swelling
  • Shorter appointment time
  • Faster recovery